Monk walks his treadmill with a monk’s wife

MONTREAL—A monk walks his treadmills with his wife and child in his arms while wearing a black leather vest, a blue leather backpack and a black-and-white monk’s robe.

The monk is wearing the vest and backpack, which are not available in the store, in a small shop near the entrance to Montréal’s main train station.

He is wearing it because it’s the most modern and convenient option.

He’s carrying his wife’s backpack, but it has a different color pattern.

He can’t find a backpack that’s like this in the catalog.

The monks’ daily walk is called “Das Miser,” which translates as “Man, Father and Master.”

The monks have been living in the St. Bernard Monastery for about 10 years, where they’ve been living for a year.

They are the last of a group of monks who have been exiled from the monastery since a revolt broke out in the 1980s.

The monks were accused of taking part in a “plot” to overthrow the government.

The rebellion lasted until 2012, when the government allowed the monks to return.

The monastery has been the scene of a series of deadly attacks, including one that killed a monk and a nun who was also a teacher.

The monastery is also home to the monastery of Saint Denis, which was founded by Saint John of the Cross in the 14th century.