How to open your iPhone’s manual (and other useful apps) without the manual

iOS 5 and later have a new feature called the Apple Manual (or “macro”).

Macros, or commands, are a new way to interact with Apple’s operating system and apps.

Macros work just like commands on Windows, and they’re much easier to read.

Apple uses these macros to give users an overview of their device’s settings, and it’ll do the same with its apps.

Here are five of the most useful things you can do with your Apple Manual.


Make the iPhone vibrate The manual has two sections on the right-hand side of the screen: a “Show menu” section that shows the Apple menu, and a “Manage” section for the iPhone’s various settings.

In both sections, the menu’s leftmost section is labeled “Show Menu,” and its rightmost section says “Manual.”

Apple doesn’t make the iPhone display these menu sections on a regular basis, but it’s a nice reminder that you can always check it by opening the menu.

Apple offers several ways to do this.

You can tap on the left-most menu item to get to the “Manually toggle” option.

To access the “Show” menu, you’ll need to swipe from the bottom of the display to the top, and then tap and hold the “More” icon.

You’ll see the menu items under each of your current apps or settings, so tap them.

You could also tap and swipe from either of the sides of the iPhone to access the menu on the top of the home screen, but we prefer the “Customize” option to the old “show menu” option on the iPhone 5.


Launch a specific app The manual also has a new menu item called “Manages.”

Click on it, and you’ll see three options: “Open,” “Open all,” and “Open only.”

To access “Open” you’ll have to tap on a specific menu item, and that menu item will appear.

If you’ve opened the “manual” menu in the previous section, you can tap the menu item in the upper right corner to open it up.

You might also tap on any other menu item or item on the bottom-right corner of the Apple interface to open a specific section in the manual.

To open an app, tap it in the top-right menu.

To launch a specific command, tap the “Open Command” button in the “more” section.

You don’t have to press any buttons on the home or the right side of your screen to open this section.

When you tap the app you want, it will open up a new window that displays all of the commands available to you in the app.

You also can “Open All” to launch all of its commands at once, and “All” to open the entire manual at once.


Save your settings for future reference The “Manatee” manual also shows an overview section on the screen, and there’s also an “Open command” button on the upper-right of the menu that allows you to save all of your Apple settings for later reference.

You’ve also got “Save” on the other side of that same menu, which you can open to save a new setting.

If it’s an app or a shortcut you’re using, you have a “Save to iCloud” option that allows for storing settings for the entire system, so you can easily retrieve them later.


Download the latest firmware update The iPhone manual has an option for downloading an Apple firmware update to the iPhone.

You’re presented with three options for this: “Install from iTunes,” “Download,” and even “Uninstall.”

If you choose “Install,” Apple will ask you if you’d like to download the firmware update itself, or if you want to install it from the iTunes Store.

You have a few options here.

You may want to do it from within the app, where you’ll be prompted to download it to the home page.

Alternatively, you may want it to install itself to your device.

Either way, it’ll take a little while to download, so we recommend that you download it.

If not, you could still use the app to launch the update to your phone, which is much faster.


Turn off the battery indicator in the status bar When the battery meter is displayed, the status icon turns blue and tells you how much power is left in your iPhone.

The “Apple” logo on the status indicator means the iPhone has a low battery.

This is very handy if you have an iPhone that’s charging and you want it charged up fast.

To turn the indicator off, click the “power” icon in the lower-right-hand corner of your status bar.

This will turn the status of your iPhone to blue, and the status symbol will turn red.

This means your battery is low.

Apple also offers the ability to “power off” the