When the Tesla Model S crashes, the rest of us have to pay

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) The driver’s guide to the new Tesla Model 7 sedan, a car that’s sold over 200,000 since its debut, is getting a little dated.

A new edition of the manual is available on Amazon.com.

The manual, which was first published in December, is available for $9.99 and comes with a free Kindle app that makes it easier to learn the basics of driving the new vehicle.

The manual is being released after the automaker’s first production run of the Model S in December and will likely have a large impact on the car’s popularity.

The car is already on sale in the U.S. for $70,000 and in Europe, where it costs around $70 million.

The new manual also includes a feature that allows owners to set the car to automatically turn off its lights, wipers and brakes.

It’s a big deal, as Tesla will be the first major automaker to offer a manual-equipped car, and it’s an upgrade over previous models that included a single, dedicated driver’s-only button on the dashboard.

The company already offers the Autopilot system in other models, and the manual has a built-in screen that allows users to set it to the “first” or “last” mode.

It also includes instructions on how to activate it, with tips on how not to overuse it.

Tesla’s driver’s help manual comes with extensive recommendations on how the Model 7 should operate.

It tells the driver to stop, and then cruise in a controlled manner for up to 12 seconds.

It warns against driving too fast, and to stay on the road until the vehicle starts slowing down.

Tesla also says the new manual will help the driver get the car into gear.

It gives drivers a “safety alert,” which indicates that the vehicle is about to lose power or brake.

Tesla says the car can take off and land in a stop or stop-and-go traffic without braking, or that the driver will have the option to steer the car off the road if necessary.

The new manual adds to the company’s growing list of safety and comfort features.

The 2017 Model S sedan comes with heated front seats, dual-zone automatic climate control, lane departure warning and an airbag that automatically deploys if it senses a collision.

Tesla plans to add other safety and convenience features as well, including blind-spot monitoring, automatic lane departure alert, adaptive cruise control, adaptive parking sensors and adaptive cruise, which allows the vehicle to slow to a stop at intersections.

The automaker has also added a rear view camera, lane-keep assist, lane guidance and a rearview camera in the rearview mirror.

Tesla will also introduce the new version of the car with its new Powerwall battery storage system, which is being marketed as a way to reduce the need for plug-in hybrids.

It will be available later this year in four different sizes: an 8 kilowatt-hour version, a 13 kilowatthour version, an 18 kilowaht version and a 30 kilowater version.