‘Gated’ manual could be the new manual for Samsung washing machine manual

The Gated Manual could be coming to Samsung washing machines, according to Fox Sports.

The network claims the manual could “go in” to new Samsung washing equipment, as well as its existing Samsung washing manual.

This could mean new owners will be able to customize the manual.

It could also mean that Samsung could provide a manual that is updated automatically to be more up-to-date.

According to Fox, Samsung already has “a manual on every washing machine in the United States.”

The Gatorade manual was last updated in July, but it was never updated to include the Samsung washing feature.

If true, this could mean that users will be prompted to enter their washing instructions at the time of purchase.

It is also possible that the manual will be updated with new washing instructions or an update to the manual may be made to reflect new washing practices.

Samsung has not confirmed that the Gated manual is coming to the washing machines in the U.S., but we are following the story.