Which BMW car should you buy if you want to go faster?

ESPN Stats & Info has updated its Driving Manual ratings with data from the BMW i3, which has been a favorite of many fans.

As of today, the manual has a rating of 85.5 on ESPN Stats.

That’s up from 84.5 for the BMW 5 Series, 86.4 for the 7 Series, and 88.2 for the M3.

The automaker has also released its latest data, which looks at lap times for every car in its lineup.

Here are the top 10 vehicles in the manual, along with the numbers they got.1.

BMW 5 series: 85.4 lap times, 85.3 average MPG, 85 lap/min (average speed, average lap/mile)2.

BMW 7 series: 84.4 laps, 83.4 average MPG3.

BMW M3: 84 laps, 82.8 average MPG4.

BMW 6 Series: 85 laps, 84.6 average MPG5.

BMW X5: 85 lap, 86 average MPG6.

BMW 3 Series: 83 laps, 86 lap/hour (average lap/minute)7.

BMW 2 Series: 80 laps, 85 average MPG8.

BMW 1 Series: 84 lap, 83 average MPG9.

BMW 8 Series: 82 lap, 84 average MPG10.

BMW 4 Series: 77 laps, 87 average MPG