What’s in Merck’s Vets Manual

The Merck vets manual contains over 100 pages and is packed with valuable information on vaccination, disease detection, diagnosis, treatment, and management.

Among its contents are vaccines and drugs, blood pressure and cholesterol levels, allergies, blood chemistry, allergies and respiratory infections.

Merck is among the world’s largest drug makers.

But the manual has long been criticized for its outdated, inaccurate and sometimes inaccurate statements.

The manual has become increasingly criticized over the years for its misinformation, including about the benefits of vaccinations and vaccines themselves.

A Merck spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The statement said the Merck veterinarians work with all patients to provide the most accurate and effective treatment for their disease.

It added that the veterinarians are responsible for all aspects of their care and are dedicated to their patients’ best interests.

The manual has been used in some states since the 1970s to help doctors prescribe the drugs for patients.

It is no longer required for use in many states.

It is still used in the United States, however, and some patients who need it have to fill out a form that requires them to provide medical information such as their vaccination status and the medication they take.

The form can be found online.